Being a mom…and a writer…

Is sometimes an almost impossible combination. Especially if you ask me right now. Because not only did we have Christmas break, we then had a four day weekend for MLK break…and then right after that we had Snowmagedon. Yes, Snowmagedon in North Carolina…which in our part of North Carolina that meant three inches of snow. Being from Michigan, this sounds pretty laughable and I’ll admit it, I laughed, long and hard. But the thing is, we sit at the top of a hill and we pretty much were trapped inside of our house. So now, I’m not laughing. We’re going on home almost a week straight which my kids are ecstatic about! I’ve barely gotten an ounce of writing done because I’m either too busy with them, too exhausted, or curled up in a corner crying into a fish bowl glass of wine. We’ve played in the snow almost a total of twenty hours, getting sideways glances from our neighbors I’m sure because we actually wanted to be out in the white stuff for long lengths of time. We’ve built forts, played hide and seek, board games, freeze tag. But today really topped things off. My husband thought it would be a grand idea to get them this game called Beanboozled. Why he would think eating jelly beans that could either taste like licorice or skunk spray or chocolate pudding or canned dog food, would be a good idea is beyond me. And now my stomach hurts. But at least the kids had fun! And the words will make it out of my fingertips and onto the screen soon enough. My break (aka as writing time) CAN. NOT. COME. SOON. ENOUGH. (Side note this was written with just a hint of sarcasm, I know they’ll only be young once so I enjoy every minute but still.)


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